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An Option For All Women to Have Time Off Work Because of Menstrual Cramps

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Menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea or period pains, are painful sensations felt in the lower abdomen that can occur both before and during a woman's menstrual period. The pain ranges from dull and annoying to severe and extreme. 

We have heard these words many times, probably coming from different places and different women due to the fact that menstrual cycles are particularly common and they continue to be present for the most part of a woman's life. I remember having struggled with mine since I got it as a teenager, however it wasn't until I started working that I experienced real problems because of it.  

Every month during the first or second day of my cycle I would go through extremely painful moments, my lower back would hurt as well as my legs, I would also feel nauseous or dizzy. Since I have always worked in retail I had to interact with customers all the time so it was very difficult for me to smile or help someone with any physical activity while experiencing such an intense pain. That is my personal experience, nevertheless I know that many women, if not all, have gone through the same experience.

 But what happens when your body naturally makes you feel sick every month? It clearly affects any woman’s environment during that period of time yet women are still required to show up and work as if they were feeling perfectly fine and their bodies weren't going through a painful phase.  Many companies do not accept nor recognize menstrual cramps as a strong enough reason to call out sick because it is not officially something that affect physical labor according to many men and also women who do not experience painful cramps. Ultimately, if this happen very often ( every other month) it is an issue that could jeopardize employment.

“Around 80 percent of people who menstruate say they experience premenstrual symptoms, or PMS. Scientists have finally discovered why periods hurt so much, following a ground breaking study into menstrual pain. Research has suggested PMS is caused by acute inflammation triggered by a biomarker called C-reactive protein (CRP). The study, which is published in the Journal of Women’s Health, surveyed 3,302 women and found the presence of CRP appears to be linked to PMS,” this information was published in the article Period pain: scientists finally work out why menstruation hurts so much. Keeping this in mind, and also the fact that women are also loosing blood during this cycle, having at least a day to rest and take the adequate care of their bodies should be an option to the female population in the United States of America. 

I simply want everyone to understand that this issue has been around since women were allowed to work, we had to fight for that right so why would this be any different. Once again prejudice stands in the way, and once again we should be able to make it right for everyone. Please help me spread awareness and perhaps make a change for our society and for our daughters.

Let us be the generation that continues to break taboos. Little steps like these do make a difference.


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