Juneteenth Reparations for descendants of Americans enslaved illegally in Texas

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I started Reparations PAC to support Congressman John Conyers' (MI) HR 40 bill only asking for a STUDY on the ill-effects of slavery on today's African Americans. We're all poor...news flash. Just because media shows black millionaires does not mean they represent even a small fraction of the total black population.

Descendants of American slaves in Texas have immediate justification for reparations due to the worldwide holiday Juneteenth where enslaved Americans were held in bondage an extra two years after Emancipation. Reparations PAC is introducing a new online petition supporting immediate two years (present value) of labor for each blood relative they can prove was in bondage during those two years in Texas.

I initially thought that only African-Americans in Texas could benefit from this course of action but many of those enslaved in Texas illegally after Emancipation have progeny all over the Black Diaspora and beyond. So, in a time where we are in a grave economic position we can reach back to our families' legacies and begin to reclaim them and fully acknowledge our own humanity and theirs. 

Regina F. Brown
Chief Activist
Reparations PAC
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