End Ageism at Amazon

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Women over the age of fifty working in the physical labor field are undeniably being discriminated against based on their appearance rather than their ability to do their jobs. Management at corporations such as Amazon, instill rules and regulations which make it significantly more difficult for these women to perform their jobs. Whether it be not being able to move quickly enough keeping up with younger co-workers or being subjected to criticism from management threatening the loss of their job. However, ageism is not solely an issue of the workplace; it is considered natural for society to believe these stereotypical opinions. Older people are considered less able and lacking tech-savvy skills in comparison to their younger counterparts. It is a fact that because of these social stereotypes against people of an advanced age, others are being influenced to treat these people differently in the workplace. 

Amazon fulfilment center employees are subjected to an incredible amount of stress which is inhibiting them from living healthy lives and creating productive work environments. Amazon policies discourage employees from taking breaks or going to the bathroom by deducting points from their productivity algorithms. The New York Post has reported, “Amazon warehouse staff are peeing in bottles because bathrooms are hundreds of yards away.” This is supportive of the fact that the employees feel as if their jobs are being threatened by needing to take unavoidable breaks. As well as the work environments not being accessible for employees. Each warehouse employee has a separate algorithm which tracks their movements and scanning speed. Breaks in the algorithm are seen as stoppage of productivity and workers being ‘off task’. This seems as if Amazon is treating their employees like computers. This causes an immense  amount of stress on older workers due to the fact that management usually blames it on the employees age or inability to work.

We want Amazon to recognize its faults and make their workplaces more accessible and friendly to older workers. 



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