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Prosecute Tennessee Representative Richard Floyd for threats

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This Congressional Representative from Tennessee has publicly stated that he will assault any Transgender person (or citizen he recognizes as such) for having done nothing more than what is REQUIRED of them under current Transgender laws.

In this country, Transgenders are required to live as their destination gender for one year prior to receiving SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery). This means that they must use bathrooms and changing rooms of the gender opposite to their birth gender.

In this video interview, this politician is justifying his reasons for passing a law in his state barring Transgenders from fulfilling the requirements of their contract. He is pushing for a legal ban in his state to prevent pre-operative Transgenders (and apparently also post operative Transgenders) from using public restrooms (and changing rooms) of their destination gender. He defines a person by their birth gender.

His implied threat can be heard at 1 minute 32 seconds into this video:

In this separate article he's quoted as using a slang term, "Stomp a mudhole" for exactly what he'd do to any perceived Transgender person to come near him or his family.

Since when has proximity ever been considered grounds for physical assault? Had he not implied the threat that he'd assault a Transgender person, I'd not be filing this petition. It was not necessary for him to imply that he'd assault a _perceived_ transgender person for entering a bathroom or dressing room he had family members in.

An ever increasing health issue in this country is PCOS which causes women's ovaries to produce testosterone leading to undesired muscle growth an facial hair that they need to shave twice a day to pass as their birth gender. Imagine if this politician saw one of these women entering a bathroom? We know what he'd do, he's already told us!

I recognize the comments of this Representative to be a threat affecting all Transgender people, not just those unfortunate enough to live in Tennessee.

If he had said the same thing regarding a non-white person or non-Christian person I would think action would have already been taken by authorities. I think the best way we can battle such ignorance and homophobia is to actively arrest anyone who make threats like this one. It should not matter that there may not have been a Transgender person within proximity when he uttered his ignorant words.

The dumbest thing about his comment is that at least half of all Trangenders are recognizable as their destination gender, so even if he gets his anti-Transgender law, he still might assault a citizen who was born to the gender of the bathroom or dressing room and is merely trying to obey his ignorant law. Are we to wait for him to assault someone or should the threat itself be considered adequate grounds to prosecute him?

Our Representatives in Congress are entitled to their opinions, but when they issue blanket threats like this one, they should be prosecuted for it. Hate speech like this leads to hate violence. It happens all the time, every week of every year, and is only rarely caught on camera. In April of 2011 a Transgender woman was severely beaten inside a Baltimore Maryland McDonald's restaurant while employees egged on the attackers and filmed the assault, later posting it on YouTube with the comment, "Don't worry, it wasn't a REAL woman, it was just a man dressed as woman".

If this politician were permitted to continue to serve in office, that would be an equal miscarriage of justice as not prosecuting the persons who coached the attackers in McDonald's.  Actually I think it would be worse because as an elected official representing the will of his state he might be perceived as a role-model.

(And then... there's the matter of which bathroom citizens born "Intersex" should be permitted to use.  Both or Neither?  That may be the topic for another petition.  In any case, this politician's ignorant threats must apply to Intersex people as well, as currently there is no such a thing as an Intersex bathroom.)

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