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Outlaw Emotional Abuse & Bullying of Children by Adults like Katie Rich of SNL / NBC

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Recently an SNL writer named Katie Rich posted and deleted an inappropriate tweet about Barron Trump. There are many other inappropriate tweets up about him on Twitter. Adults should know better than to take their feelings about a parent, in this case Donald Trump, out on a child. Someone like Katie Rich and others on twitter have a big platform to bully anyone not only children. SNL routinely makes fun of Trump, Putin and their supporters in a highly biased way. However, children should be off limits because their brains are still developing (ie their prefrontal cortexes aren't mature yet) so it is very easy to make a big impression on them. This is one of the reason why it so easy for children to learn languages. And it is a reason why adults may not be academically smarter than a 5th grader. And this is a reason why marketing of products and movies to children is so highly successful. Therefore, their malleable and impressionable minds need to be protected from unnecessary harsh experiences such as personal bullying by adults.

We will never be able to rely on adults to self regulate themselves against child bullying. To date Katie Rich has not apologized for her words. She did make her twitter account private but there is no indication of whether or not this is a sign of true regret and understanding that her words could cause the child a lifetime of hurt. People from all faiths, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations/identities, genders and etc. should protect children from all type of abuse including verbal. Just as civil rights sometime come before the majority accepts them, so should child rights. You'll never see a 1,000,000 child march on Washington. But what you can find, if you look, are millions of testimonials from people like me who were bullied as children and then profoundly affected by it as adults. In the case of my grandma, she was affected by it until she died at age 77. If adults don't have the moral compass to protect instead of bully kids, it is time for laws to protect them.

The fact that NBC and SNL did not immediately condemn or even address the bullying words of Katie Rich is an indication that adults do indeed lack a basic moral compass and sense of decency about how children should be treated. Some people have become so blinded by their political views that they ignore bad behavior on their side and only criticize bad behavior on the other side. (This was done by host Aziz Ansari who went after bad word from Trump supporters while ignoring the bad words that often come from liberals against Trump supporters.)  It isn't an issue to be politicized. All creeds, colors and etc. type of people are guilty of it. And it is unacceptable no matter what your political beliefs are. If Meryl Streep is angry about what she talked about at the Golden Globes, how much angrier should she be now? (Moreover, she previously gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski who had sex with a 13 year old which is an act that cannot legally be consented to) Aren't children more helpless than the disabled especially an award winning reporter? Don't Katie Rich, SNL, and NBC have a bully platform? 

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