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Support for Mothers who are felons

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Hello, my name is Sara. I have an 11 month old son. He is absolutely wonderful. I made mistakes in my past that are still affecting my life and my sons life today. I am a felon. Because of this, I don't have a good shot at giving my son the childhood he deserves. I'm not blaming my choices on anyone or anything else, I accept all responsibility for my actions, but I'm trying SO hard to make my life better and its almost impossible. First off, I am having an extremely hard time finding a full time job that will support my son and I. The only place that will offer me work is a temp agency once and a while for $8.10 an hour. I can't afford any type of lifestyle with that. I'm lucky if I get 15 hours a week. Last week I applied for a job at Good Will. They called me that day for an interview. I was so excited. Then the next day they called me for a second interview. Now I was ecstatic! This is a full time job with full benefits. This would be an awesome opportunity. At my second interview they offered me the job and then handed me the form to sign for the background check. Of course. I immediately got upset. The manager told me they are sorry, but they don't think that corporate office will let them hire a felon. That quick, I'm back to step 1 again. This has happened to me more times then I can count. I hate it. Why does a mistake I made 5 years ago have to be who I am to everyone today? How am I suppose to live and support my son and be the mother he deserves? I can't keep a permanent roof over our heads. Section 8 would be a blessing, but the list is closed, I can't get into a low income apartment because I am a felon(theft), and the only thing job and family services does is tell me to call MHA (the housing place) and the only thing they tell me is sorry, unfortunately there is nothing they can do. Did I mention that we are homeless right now because I couldn't afford rent? So now we are sleeping at different friends for a few days here and there until I can figure something out. I applied for housing anyways, and Monday I received a letter from them stating that my name got pulled from the waiting list and that I needed to fill out the papers they sent me and turn them in. I brought them that day filled out. When I turned them in the lady told me she was sorry but I'm not qualified because I have a felon. That's the reason for this petition. There are MANY women out here that are dealing with the same issues I am, trying to live the right way and take care of their children, and nobody will hire them, or help them with housing. How are we suppose to have a home if we can't get a job, or even accepted at MHA? Well I'm sick of it! I think if we are doing the right thing that we shouldn't be judged on our past, and I also think there should be more help for single mothers!!! The United States Department of Housing can help single mothers more with low income housing or Section 8. They can also change the policy and accept felons. They need to support us single moms that are working our butts off better. I know this is a small place to start, because there  are many things that need to change, but I need to start somewhere.

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