IMPERIAL COURTS: Help us save our Community Rec Center.

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    The residents of Imperial Courts Housing Development strongly oppose transitioning from Recreation & Parks to The Boys & Girls Club. The Boys & Girls club does not appeal to every demographic represented here in the Imperial Courts Community. We have witnessed the devastating affects of what happens when teenage kids are not allowed a creative space to play and participate in activities. In 1997 when the Community Rec Center in Imperial Courts was demolished and reduced to a pile of stones for nearly eight years it was a spike in crime, an increase in gang recruitment, and more children placed in juvenile detention facilities. 

Even being that this time around the Rec Center/gymnasium will not be demolished it's transition into a Boys & Girls Club will leave a whole demographic of children neglected and without a safe and productive atmosphere to play and receive programs & services. The Rec Center is the hub of the community of Imperial Courts a place where the youth and adults frequent to exercise, play, socialize, and meet to address community affairs. 

If the transition is allowed to happen the community would be greatly affected because there is an age limit for children that can attend The Boys & Girls Club and that will leave a large group of kids overlooked and unserved as well as the adults who visit the Rec Center for sports activities and  to utilize the computer room to fill out applications or to pay bills electronically. If this transition happens the community loses their drill team, youth basketball league, REDEYE.INC mentoring program, Summer Peace Activities, jobs that the residents have, Senior Basket Ball league, Community Volley Ball tournament, Community Card Tournament, Community Domino Tournament, and It's youth and adult chess tournament to name a few. It is important that the community Rec Center stays available to the community. 

So please support us and sign this petition and share so that Imperial Courts may keep their Rec Center and continue servicing the community as a whole.