True Affordable Insurance For Everyone

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It seems like day in and day out I am beginning to believe that we as normal human beings are becoming financially and physically expendable. Here’s my story as to why.

I’m a limo driver, and in my family I am the only one working, trying to support a disabled wife and a high school age son. I have been working every day now for 14 weeks. Currently, I’ve been going through an ongoing insurance issue stemming from some personal matters where I have needed to see a mental health specialist. I learned that even though my counselor is in network based on the insurance I have, he is still not getting his money for the appointments, nor are any of the other physicians my son and I have seen.

In addition, $120 a week comes out of my weekly check for insurance. With me and my son on the current plan that I am on for my company, I would need to pay a $7900 deductible before ANYTHING would be paid by insurance. This calculates to approximately  $14000 a spent for...well, to fatten insurance companies’ pockets?

Who is benefiting? Surely not any of us who are struggling like my family is! I know I’m not alone! No wonder we can never get ahead.

Please join me in signing this petition. We must all send a message that all of us need to be treated more fairly when it comes to being covered and not be left with a monstrous deductible. If nothing is done, more of us will end up being discarded and not even be seen by doctors. Money must be well spent, and not for nothing which is what I feel our case is.

Thanks for reading and let’s make this change together!!