We Need Life

We Need Life

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In Pakistan there are so many campaigns which are working on Cancer but the result are not much effected. As we are entered in modern and advance technology but we have so far as compare other State. We have new communication technologies i.e. Smart phone, Highly Configure Laptops, desktop System but we don't have newly and advance Cancer operating System as the need increasing day by day and now in Pakistan there are high amount of affected people which are suffering in this.

 Cancer can be defined as abnormal cell growth or uncontrolled proliferation of cell which invade the tissues or   other part of body. It can be fatal .

Some cancers are malignant that spread to other parts of body and some are benign which restricted to one area.

Carcinoma is the largest malignant cancer or tumor. It indicates the tumor of epithelial tissue found on external or internal body surfaces. Sarcomas is used when the cancer is present in connective tissue such as muscle ,fat and bone. Leukemia or lymphomas are malignant  cancer of blood forming organs such as bone marrow and lymphatic tissues.

Most common cancer in Pakistan are Breast, lung, liver, colorectal, head and neck  carcinomas. In females the breast cancer has high ratio .

Cancer is the second most common cause of human death after cardiovascular disease.

Ratio or Statistics of cancer:

As in Pakistan there is no authentic centre that gives you right ratio it is estimated value which is reported in various newspaper.“Pakistan” is the seventh popular country with estimate cancer incidence of 148,041 new cases. In Pakistan about 150,000 people are diagnosed yearly with cancer at least 101,113 cancers related death (48,499 men and 52,664 women) and prevalence of 350,000 living cancer patient have been reported  in past 5 years, the ratio is more in females(128 women and 96) men per 100,000 populations respectively.


Cancer is disease that spreads rapidly and there is lack of awareness and treatment facilities make condition worse. The most a laming fact is that in Pakistan, majority of cancers patient are unable to receive treatment facilities and even the pain management in case of non-curable cancer.

Palliative care:

In public sector health care facilities of country, there are no facilities for even palliative care, the treatment to relive symptoms caused by cancer. In our country people does not know what is the term stands for.  Palliative care is type of medical care for people with serious illness like cancer. It focuses to providing relief from the symptoms or stress of disease with a goal to improve lifestyle and the families. The care is provided by special team of trained doctors or nurses to provide support. According to health experts, palliative care is urgent need of humanitarian need for people with cancer in Pakistan . It may help people live more comfortably.

STEREO TACTIC BODY RADIATION THERAPY:  (Advancement in cancer treatment)

Urologist has been using stereo tactic body radiation therapy “SBRT” to treat cancer patient all over the but the technology has been arrived in Pakistan.

SBRT uses advanced technology to better target cancer cells with radiation doses thus limiting the damage done to healthy tissues.

Although this technology is not offer widely so government should take further  steps to apply this method of treatment in low cost.


                Cyber knife is a robotic technique which treat cancerous tumor. Cancers are two types malignant or Benign. In this technique uses a high cancer-killing dose of radiation in precise, painless and non-invasive manner. It is an effective alternative to surgery.

This radiosurgery facility JPMC in 2012 making it first and only such facility in nation with the help of Pakistan’s Aid foundation this is the only medical Centre in the world providing the free treatment but unfortunately this facility reside only limited places .Government should support these technique and made some plans that it should be place on install in every city of Pakistan .

Government of Pakistan should support the hospital or management that they can easily launch new technologies for the treatment of cancer that the people of Pakistan also avail the healthy lifestyle. If people can't afford treatment  so make some plans for them that they can get treatment with free of cost.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!