Shut Down Magnolia Retirement Home And Rehome Residents.

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Magnolia Retirement Home. 

A day at Magnolia you will see Dead roaches. Live roach and ant infestations. Black mold that is feet high on the walls around air handlers and on the ceilings. Deteriorating drywall. Disgustingly filthy rooms. Leaking roofs. Holes in the bottom of doors where critters can enter from the outside. Electrical wires coming from the walls. Corroding exit doors. Food stored on the floor. Breakfast lunch and dinners are not three course meals like they should be. Medications are not given like they should be. The director Dennis is verbally and mentally abusive and bilergerant when the residents conplain about said issues. There has been a 90 day extension by the city of sebring even with the issues above . 


I invite you to sign this petition to try and get these residents rehomed and in a safe and healthy environment mentally, environmentally and sanaterly. If this was your family would you want this life for a family member who couldnt take care of themselves and is being treated with such disregard and disrespect as a human. 

 More articals are coming out in paper in sebring daily/weekly

Below From the highlands today paper by kim Letterman below is some of the facts found and put into a artical in highlands today to read full storys please visit highlands today website or pick up papers. 

AHCA’s website provides data on each retirement home, which is classified as assisted living. Over the past year, Magnolia Retirement Home has, by far, the most number of complaints for assisted living facilities in Highlands County listed on the website.

The most recent complaints noted on Department of Health reports state that on June 25 officials found food stored on the floor, unclean conditions and odors, leaks in ceilings, an exit door was corroding and a wall collapsing, noticeable mold both by sight and smell, dim lighting, and cockroach and ant infestations. The inspector flagged the report in red ink “Unsatisfactory.” The re-inspection date was July 9.

The results of that inspection were unsatisfactory, despite some improvements. The inspector noted roof repairs need to be completed as soon as possible. The report indicated an August deadline for the repairs. Another re-inspection will be done on Aug. 17..

In a report on April 27, inspector Michael Barry with the Health Department did another re-inspection from previous complaints. In the comments section, he wrote about the cleanliness, “Things are much better, but work still in process. We will return on May 25.”

By May 25, the inspector used more red ink to mark the report “Unsatisfactory.”

In between the Health Department visits, on May 8, AHCA did an inspection where it found:

• Vacancies due to roach infestation.

• The administrator failed to “maintain the minimum required direct care staffing hours for the census of 32 residents.”

• Units with no hot water.

• Rooms with “sunken ceilings, black mold-like substance on walls and ceilings.”

The annual Fire Inspection Report from the City of Sebring by Fire Chief Robert Border showed the need for improvement:

• “Install GFCI outlets in bathrooms within 6 feet of water source.”

• All rooms must have smoke detectors.

Border gave an update in a subsequent phone call. He said technically Magnolia Retirement Home failed the inspection and “when they do not have any violations, they will pass.”


The facility has a capacity of 57 beds with approximately 37 residents, where the number of residents slightly fluctuated at the time of the Department of Health’s inspections census.


Please help us Help them and sign this petition. 

 its upsetting and disheartening Extensions are given even when facts provide that this is not a safe living environment let alone sanitary. The city and state giving chance after chance still isnt providing or ensuring the well being of the residents a proper healthy living environment or balanced diet. The city and state should act accordingly as if their family members were in the facility and shut magnolia retirement home down and Get these residents a New home and help them.