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Help Us Save The Fitness Industry


In light of the global pandemic, the fitness industry has been forced to navigate a new norm. With in-person training sessions and workouts operating in a primarily social environment, it should come as no surprise how severely social-distancing regulations have impacted these establishments.  From months of government-regulated closures to increased restrictions around cleaning measures and capacity, owners and patrons alike continue to feel the burden of not being able to visit and operate their local gyms. Even worse, the impending threat of a second shut-down throughout the country continues to worry fitness enthusiasts who only a few just recently returned to their gyms for the first time since the pandemic began in the United States.  


Now more than ever, maintaining a consistent fitness routine is paramount to our overall mental health. In times of such vast uncertainty, it’s our gyms, trainers, and workout routines that offer us even the slightest semblance of normalcy during times that are plagued with anything but. For this very reason, SELF Platform Inc. is working day and night to establish an actionable solution that will help to support those affected by the sudden closures of gyms and fitness centers.    


Using a sophisticated technology with a user-friendly interface, this solution will act as a reliable resource to help support gym operations safely and healthily for facilities, trainers, and their clients. 


This innovative new platform will include:


Mobile Check-in System Via Mobile App that redirects to the gym’s POS System.

·         This tool will operate as a “Checks and Balance System” to help gyms adhere to government regulations around occupancy.  Besides, it will offer patrons a clear overview of the capacity to inform them of when they can visit their gym.

Consistent Cleaning Measures

·         With increased attention to thorough sanitation of fitness machines after use, SELF will recommend autonomous sanitizers for gyms interested in using an AI system for 24/7 cleaning.


Virtual Search Tool

·         SELF Platform is excited to introduce an all-new way for gym patrons to visit their gyms and book training sessions. Using our exciting new platform, gym-goers will now have the opportunity to search nearby trainers in their area, discover gyms and even book virtual classes to bring their workouts into their home.


During these unprecedented times, we graciously ask for your support as we continue to develop an actionable solution that will allow gyms to continue day-to-day operations safely. By leveraging our expertise to blend technology and physical fitness, we believe that SELF will be the resource we need not just to save our gyms, but to help reclaim the sense of self that has been jeopardized due to the Covid19 crisis. Signing this petition will offer you the opportunity to become an indispensable part of this revolutionary initiative aimed to support the livelihood of our local gyms throughout the country and the wellbeing of the members who rely on them to maintain balance both physically and mentally.  We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to bringing this solution to life!