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Require hospitals to have DNR bracelets on patients!!!

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I was a full time caregiver for my father in law for 8 years. I cared for him through cancer, blood clots, a-fib, etc... He had a terrible infection that lead him to a long stay at a hospital and then a long term acute care facility; I personally brought his notarized DNR and gave it to his caseworker who was then supposed to put it in his medical chart. On one of the last visits we had with him, he looked the best he had since he'd been in the hospital. After being there for 6 weeks he coded on 11/29/16 and instead of receiving a call that he had passed away we were told his condition had changed and we needed to come in. It was when we got to the hospital that we learned that he had coded and they resuscitated him and then we asked what about his DNR. Turns out due to systemic errors his DNR was misplaced in his chart and his primary physician wasn't even aware that he had one and because of that he was resusicitated and suffered severe brain damage. My husband and I were then forced to leave him in a vegetative state for over 24 hours in order to see what his condition was and whether or not it would improve; resulting in him having seizures all night to the point he broke his teeth... We returned to the hospital and had to wait over 12 hours for his primary physician to finally take him off of life support. My father in law NEVER should have had to be put through that. Hospitals should be required to have bracelets during admissions just like they would for allergies or other health care identification so that way there isn't a chance for a misplaced file. What if it was you? What if it was your mother or your wife? Instead mourning them for their passing you're faced with the hardest thing to ever imagine; helping them finish what they started and try your best to right a terrible wrong. If it was mandatory for the status of a DNR or Advanced Directive to be established at the time of admittance just as they would for a DOB, allergy or blood type there would be a lot less opportunity for this error to take place. It's hard enough coping with the loss of a loved one but it's even harder when you're forced to say good bye twice. 

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