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Regulate CYS (Children & Youth services) more strictly.

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I want Children and Youth Services to be regulated more strictly so they are unable to get away with unethical and oftentimes unexplainable practices. I am tired of seeing this agency take advantage of so many. Instead of keeping loving families together, they are systemically taken apart. Instead of intervening in dire cases where children are in danger, they look the other way to keep that 'family' together.

Despite having worked with children in both paid and volunteer positions for 20 plus years, a clear criminal background, an active participant in community organizations, I am being denied the right (by Children and Youth) to see my 2-year-old grandson. This is due to not checking facts.

I was never considered a person of interest in adopting my grandson. Prior to my son losing parental rights, my grandson had been placed in the care of my adoptive parents of over 70-years-old. Children and Youth have solely chosen to listen to slanderous words of none other than the future adoptive parents---the same 70-year-old 'parents'.

I want the court to uncover this injustice and put a stop to this abomination. My time with my grandson was being limited more and more until I filed for partial custody. It was then put to an abrupt stop.

An organization that claims to have the best interest of children advises and condones alienation of a healthy loving bond between grandmother and grandson. I am left with minimal choices as to how I am going to ever see my grandson again.

I hope others who have experienced injustice from Children & Youth join me in fighting. Let's get enough people united so that the State and courts can do more to protect families and children.

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