Prevent people from sending people to Park Royal for treatment

Prevent people from sending people to Park Royal for treatment

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Last year around May of 2018, I was sent to Gulf coast hospital due to being in a manic stage which was caused by a lot of stress and just not being in a good state of mind. After being checked out, one of the nurses handed me and my mom a pamphlet for a mental health hospital called Park Royal. Of course the pamphlet made it look like the perfect place. Well it is the worst place on Earth. If I had to give a review, it would be negative 5 stars!!

 When i first got to park royal they questioned me and after realizing how bad I was doing, they immediately baker acted me (it was voluntarily, but they still only had 72 hours to release me). I waited all night in their holding cells, which literally was like a jail. The ladies in the waiting area were pretty nice and made sure I had what I needed so of course I thought everyone else would be just as nice..

 I honestly couldn’t tell you what time it was when i finally got upstairs (they put me on the top floor). I’m just going to tell y’all what I do remember from this horrible place.. Once I was upstairs, a tech showed me around and to my room, in which I had a roommate. She was pretty nice, she tried to explain to just stay to yourself and do what you need to do to get out. I put all my stuff away and I actually wasn’t feeling manic at the time, I was too nervous and trying to take everything in. I’m guessing I saw a doctor that day who prescribed me hellodone/helladone. I don’t remember who or what my doc looked like but when the medicine wasn’t working well with me instead of taking me off of it, they would just give me a higher dosage.. Giving me more of that drug really messed me up, I barely remember the beginning and other days of my stay and some small details such as tech names, I also was acting like a zombie, I had no feelings and was acting really weird due to the drug, but of course I was never taken off of it they just gave me more, even though it made me run around wild and actually made me think I was going crazy..

 Everyday was something new, as they upped my dosage, I got worse. I was running around trying to avoid every tech who chased me, I pulled fire alarms (which I would never do) thinking it would buy me time so i could sneak out of the building. They prescribe you a drug you’ve never even heard before and once they see that it is making you worse they just up the dosage and screw you up even more.

 Now to explain the mental AND physical abuse I endured for about 2-3 weeks because they held me illegally, blaming me for being crazy and not the drug they kept me on when it obviously did not work for me and made me act and feel terrible. There were techs who were responsible for our safety and all that and then there was a glassed in nurses station, which all the nurses stayed behind and observed. None of my phone calls were private because the phones were right in front of the nurses station. The techs were nice my first day, then I started reacting badly to the medicine so i was running wild, so the techs were always by me, i never had privacy, i even got outside one day and they had to bring me back upstairs. There is still a lot I don’t remember because I was so sedated but everything i do remember is sickening.

 I was the one running around and just being spazzy so at one point I woke up in a new room with no roommate. It was the closest room to the nurses station so when i woke up i would walk out and walk up to the nurses and try to talk to them and of course they ignored me most of the time, I’m sorry if you are reading this and getting confused because its all scattered but please please read what I'm about to tell you. There were two techs who were always around me and watching me, one was an older female and the other was a very large man (at least over 200 pounds). At one point the female was blocking my doorway so I could not leave my room, which made me angry because everyone else was free to roam and i just wanted to walk and get a snack, after asking her to move i went to just walk by her and she grabbed me by my arm and pushed me back to my bed and then walked back to the door. She had this grin on her face which set me off so i tried to run out the door and once again she grabbed my arm but this time both arms and she pushed me on my bed causing me to hit my head and she laughed and said “that’s what you get, you’re not leaving this room.” This was a daily recurrence also. I remember actually running away from her and yelling for help because she was hurting me and all the nurses just stared.. 

 The other tech i mentioned was a pretty big guy and he scared me from the jump. I would run from him and he would catch me and grabbed me by my arms and lift me up and carry me to my room, or if we were in my room I would be on the other side of my bed (opposite side of him) and as soon as he grabbed me, he would pick me up and slam me onto the bed, he pulled my pants down and a nurse proceeded to put a shot in my butt which instantly knocked me out. I received shots every night due to my reaction to their medication. There was also the tech who handed out meds, who would chase me while having someone behind me with the needle so when he did catch me, he could give me the shot, and no it wasn’t like a doctors office, they basically stabbed me with the needles and it was very sedating. There was one night where i was in a random room running from the meds tech and they called the bigger man into the room and he came straight towards me so I was jumping from bed to bed and avoided him for a good minute until he picked up one bed and moved it out from between us, so I hid behind the second bed and when he went to pick up the bed i darted for the door, i did not make it very far. He grabbed a hold of my arm and leg and slammed me onto the bed frame (which at the time did not have a mattress cushion), he put his knee on my back (crushing me) so i could not get away and for about 5-10 minutes he had all his weight on my back while waiting for a nurse to come give me another shot in the butt. From what i remember this was an every night thing. The man would also hold me by my arm when he caught me and would pull me by my arm or even drag me by my arm. Another time I was stuck in a room with the meds tech and he would help hold me down when the bigger man wasn’t there for the night, I was in the room with him and one of the doctors who I remember was bald. I locked myself in the bathroom so they couldn’t get to me. After awhile it sounded like they both left so I swung the door open to see the bald man standing in my room still with a needle, so I took off to get past him and as i ran past him he put his foot out and tripped me causing me to land chin first. My chin was dripping blood and even though we were connected to a hospital all he did was put a bandaid on it. That same doctor actually put me in a holding cell which literally looked like a jail cell but their was no bed, toilet or anything. He had the lady tech sit in a chair by the door and I literally walked in circles and laid on the nasty floor, when I had to go to the bathroom I would knock on the glass window on the door and the lady would look at me and look away smiling like it was a joke. When the bald man finally came back before opening the door, he asked me if I was done being crazy and he threatened to bring me back downstairs into this “holding cell” if I didn’t do what I was told, which scared me because I was all alone and freaking out in a concrete room by myself.

 The next day my mom, uncle, aunt, and sister came to visit. They asked me about the bandaid and when my uncle took the bandaid off, not only was it painful but it was also an open gash that should have been stitched up and now I couldn't get stitches. My family flipped and when they asked the doc he said that i had tripped myself because i was acting crazy. They informed my mom that i was not showering, because I actually couldn’t do it myself. So they let my mom shower me.. When she took my clothes off me she noticed i was covered head to toe in bruises, but she could not get a picture because phones weren’t allowed during visitation. My mom spoke up to a nurse and doctor who we asked to talk to privately and they had no idea what had happened, they told my mom they would keep a better eye on me which was i lie because I did not see either of them again. At that point after my mom spoke up, I started to get treated even worse and more medicine that didn’t work and made me freak out, was shoved down my throat. There was actually a kid named Willie who was suppose to be a patient too i guess. I assume we were talking bad to each other and well he punched me in my face so I picked up my tray and hit him with it so he wouldn’t hit me again because he kept swinging even after the first punch. Once again the big man picked me up and locked me in my room and Willie did not get punished at all. I was basically on house arrest but in my room because of the incident.. I wasn’t even allowed in the cafe for days.

 There was another tall tech who was watching me for the night (he sat at the door way). I had asked him for a sheet, pillow and blanket because they were not in the room so he got another tech to go get it. All they brought me was a tiny pillow.. The same man told me he’d let me go get my night snack if i could crawl passed him which doesn’t make sense to me now but sedated me believed him and in fact crawled on the dirty floor towards him, every time i got close he would say “no, go back and do it again”. I ended up crawling back and forth multiple times as he laughed at me and talked down to me. I ended up passing out on the floor that night because I was so tired. 

 So basically, Park royal takes you in and puts you on whatever they want with the goal of making you worse instead of better just so they could continue to hold you, and your insurance would continue to pay them. They play mind games and they don’t care about patients well being. I struggled everyday, scared of everyone there and I don't even remember half of it, I just remember the traumatizing events. But it was the fact that i was getting worse the longer I was there and literally nobody helped me even when I begged for help.. I suggest if your doctor or a local hospital tries to send you there, you ignore them and choose any place away from Fort Myers because even salus care treats their patients badly from what I’ve heard. 

Once again sorry for having all of these events scattered, it’s hard to talk about.. It’s now been a little over a year since I was released and I still get flashbacks and nightmares about my experience there. I came out of that facility unable to do basic tasks or process what was going on around me.. One of the nurses actually had to come into my room and get me on my release date because the same girl tech who watched me in my room was taking my stuff out of my bag after I packed it and saying I wasn't leaving. The nurse literally put all my stuff back in the bag and grabbed my hand and walked me past her as she tried to grab me from the nurse and we also had to go through two big body guard looking guys who were standing right outside my door (never found out why they were outside my door on my release day). The nurse who walked me out was the only nurse who helped me while the rest would just stare and without her I probably wouldn’t of been released that day or anytime soon. My mom took me to healthpark across the street to get checked out because i still had bruises everywhere and I was not myself at all. I could not sit still in the waiting room, I was so scared that one of those techs would find us and take me back (yes that’s how scared I was of that place). So we left the hospital because I felt in danger and was having anxiety even though they could not harm me anymore. Since I left the hospital without getting looked at, we had no physical proof of the bruising, and we had no idea what was in my system and I was still doing so bad. Everyone still tells me how bad they messed me up while I was there. Park royal is one huge factor of my ptsd.

 If your still reading, I want to thank you for taking the time to read and listen. I hope this prevents people from sending their loved ones to Park Royal because it is an evil place especially the top floor. Just think about it, is it normal for a mental health hospital to over drug you and make you basically into a zombie who can’t even think or do basic life skills for yourself? I had to slowly learn how to read a clock, write sentences, and even relearn basic speech skills. Mental health hospitals are supposed to help and put you on a path to a healthier life, but instead they did the exact opposite. All I’m asking is for people to spread the word so maybe we can prevent them from hurting anyone else..

PS: it's not the best pic but you can see how the scar makes my chin line crooked, best picture I have sadly..

   Thank you for reading, 


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