Keeping Guardianship of my nephew

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I have guardianship of my 3 year old nephew and have had him since he was 6 months old.He is a part of a T-ball team and has so many friends and family that care for him and love him. His parents just signed the paper for me to be able to take care of him and get him the treatment he needed.They walked away for at least 2 and a half years with no phone calls, no birthday wishes, maybe two christmas presents, but those gifts are not what its a bout. And now decide "the only reason they want to do this is because of my husband." Well this little boy has had to go great lenghts of physical therapy with special shoe insoles and a spina bifida clinic throught St. Francis Children's Hospital and I was taking him back and forth to the appointments and dealing with the doctors and appointments by myself. These biological parents were no where to be found when Zane needed them. My husband and myself were. I have done the late night ER trip with him when he was in respiratory distress not being able to breath or because of the boil on his arm.(Which is completely scary if never had to deal with before) Cutting our vacation short to get him back home because of having a respiratory problems and we knew the best thing to do would be to get him home. He stayed one night with his biological mother one night in 2014 he come home in a onesie in December and was in respiratory distress then, but she was in jeans and had a coat on. When we were emitted to the hospital, we were in St. Francis for almost a week and got released on December 23rd. I do not believe they are fit to be parents what so ever. And beside the biological father has a background that he will never be able to go around a school or to any functions for this child. So please help me keep the little boy where he belongs and that is with a mom, dad, brother, and two sisters. I have no other option than to try to get the word spread around and please sign and maybe this can change it somehow some way.. I believe God is mighty and He has everything in control!!! I have doctor reports of how much Zane has flourished and how great he has been doing from where he come from at 6 months under weight and below average on everything!!

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