Keep detained families together in humane shelters, not cages #FamiliesBelongTogether

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Immigrant children and families belong together. But where? They belong together in humane housing facilities, not metal cages or detention facilities that are reminiscent of prisons while waiting for their cases to be heard. To date, the Trump Administration has forcibly separated at least 2,343 young children from their parents (Department of Homeland Security). Separating young children from their parents, many even before they’ve taken their first steps or said their first words, is an incredibly traumatic and damaging early life experience that has severe implications later in life.

Join our campaign to call on lawmakers to implement a baseline, universal standard of health, sanitation, and humane and respectful treatment in all immigration facilities and family shelters, while keeping immigrant families together.

According to the ACLU, there are no current federal regulations or enforceable standards regarding detention conditions, including medical treatment, mental health care, access to telephones, and free legal services in many immigration detention centers. In fact, the vast majority of detainees never receive legal representation, which makes it more difficult not only to succeed in adversarial immigration proceedings, but also to complain about substandard treatment. This means that even when families are reunited, there continues to be human rights violations such as physical abuse when they are admitted into these facilities because there are very little existing legal precedents. In addition, once people are transferred to these detention facilities, children are met with neglect, assault, abuse, and even a forceful administration of psychotropic drugs disguised as vitamins, as a CNN investigation has found. (

President Trump’s executive order to stop the separation of families does not nearly address the scope of human rights violations that are happening. We need a base-level, universal standard of health, sanitation, humane treatment in immigration detention centers, while keeping families together. Keeping minority groups of people in inhumane conditions (such as cages and detention centers) mirrors the human rights abuses that have once occurred in history. While reuniting families is the first step, we must go further to ensure that basic human rights are guaranteed and that history does not repeat itself.


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