Help enhance elderly P​.​O​.​A. restrictions "Sandwich generation rights"

Help enhance elderly P​.​O​.​A. restrictions "Sandwich generation rights"

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jochen Silveira

The United States has been passed/maintained & carried upon the backs of many great baby boomers.   "Baby boomers" are the generation of Americans + many other countries around the world born between 1946-1964 (a post war time of increased birth rate).  They have been our mothers/grandmothers/fathers/grandfathers/uncles & aunts/sisters & brothers along with cousins etc.  

With the increased birth rate comes an increased care rate down the line on an already stressed system.   As with care and illness comes an increase of eldely neglect/fraud & abuse.  Neglect/fraud & abuse can pose many forms & mutate often.

This petition is in regards to the signage of P.O.A. The specifics for next of kin(children of parent or parents) in all 50 US states.  "Next of Kin" in this usage will only apply to children of parent(s).

1. When P.O.A. is filed, the system will be similar to motor vehicle licensing.  Temp P.O.A. papers are returned for immediate use while the review board processes filings for the return of pass or fail overall.

2. If a health care/legal worker or person whom worked with knowledge of how P.O.A & durable  P.O.A. functions,  that person cannot pose as "grantee" unless overseen by the review board per decision made at least in mail-in form of contact.     

3. If grantor of P.O.A. resides in a residence owned by the caretaker/not owned by grantor, then access must be permitted to all next of kin 24hr/365 days unless court ordered otherwise.   Owner of the residence shall not limit access to next of kin of elderly/disabled person(s) unless access is reviewed by local circuit court followed by judgment.  Subject matters of this paragraph can also be applied to prior time of P.O.A. filings.  


4. All next of kin must be either notified/present or willingly opt out of P.O.A. responsibilities.  
Notification/opt out should be via certified letter or secure web eSigning.  If next of kin is not notified 30-90 days prior/past the time of signage then the contract can be challenged or contested in local municipal court.    If next of kin is not heard from for up to 90 days past date of signage then all rights of kin are voided.



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119 have signed. Let’s get to 200!