Fullerton care center is killing my father against his will HELP US

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My father Rodney was transferred to Fullerton care center in Fullerton Nebraska for rehabilitation to help him get stronger to come back home. Instead he got pneumonia and wasn't being taken care of properly. They allowed him to go off of his antidepressants and then allowed him to make a decision solely on himself to place himself in hospice on 3/22. He was off of his antidepressants so he was incompetent to make that decision while being suicidal. Between these times while in their care he kept writing in his notebook to contact his daughter (me) in which they never attempted to do. He has a speech impairment so he has to write his responses. They didn't decide to contact me until 3/28. Told me had full blown pneumonia and wasn't doing well. I asked to speak to him on the phone with his social services worker as an interpreter due to the speech impairment. I explained to him that I loved him very much and we needed to get him off of hospice and started back up on medications to get him better. I also explained that I would never leave him and I wanted him to come live with me after he got better so he wasn't living alone lonely. He wrote his response in his notebook. The notebook says hospice discharge. He asked to be taken off of hospice 3/28. I told him I would come see him tomorrow and that I loved him. I was running late going to see him 3/29 so I called the facility and asked to speak to him. I didn't want him thinking I wasn't coming he was 2.5 hours away. The nurse Deb was very rude said she couldn't give me details etc and said he's unresponsive. I immediately hauled butt down there. I took videos pics etc. It seemed as If he hasn't been receiving medical for sometime. He looks very malnurited, slowly dying and suffering. Of course I'm upset. I start asking why he wasn't started and transferred to hospital when he asked to be taken off of hospice the day before. They basically denied him his right to change his mind and live. They didn't like me recording and asking questions. They then called the sheriff's and kicked me out for no reason while my dad is dying tragically against his will they're also forcing him then die alone. Why would they do this. The sheriff called me the next day told me if I come on the property I'll be arrested for trespassing. Mind you I did nothing wrong. How is this not murder? It's now 4/1 and he is still at the facility dying against his will and dying alone. Please help us and share this and sign. Stop allowing elder abuse and allow nurses etc to have jurisdiction over someone else life. This isn't right. It happens far more than you'd no. Our story needs heard before it's too late. We're begging you.