Affordable Addiction, Emotional, & Mental Health Recovery For Victims of Racial Injustice

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     The goal of this petition is to bring awareness to the need to fund FREE or AFFORDABLE Recovery Programs that are run by, and have members experienced in, minority Recovery, as there are not many.

     Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Emotional Disorders, Mental Health Suffering, Post Traumatic Stress, and more have ravaged Black and Latino communities - in particular my hometown in Los Angeles County, C.A. So why do minorities then make up so very little of the Recovery?

     I spent years in various anonymous recovery fellowships in Los Angeles, C.A. and endured many racial slurs and homophobic hate speech in casual conversation. I even witnessed warnings for those seeking recovery to keep hidden elements about their pain that were subject to public scrutiny such as sexual orientation and racial injustice within court mandated Recovery programs.

     However uncomfortable I was, I was forced to suffer through it to appease the courts as I was told I was making excuses when I expressed there was a lack of recovery available with the understanding needed to address the pain I was suffering from. Then God sent me Dr. Montgomery with the Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center, and I began to Recover after many years of misery and panic in physical sobriety. I have gone on over the years to help many more Recover - those who never believed Recovery of the Mind, Body, and Soul was possible.

     The Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center was founded in 1965 by Dr. Gloria Montgomery (pictured above) who has opened recovery centers in Canada, Michigan, and Nevada to name a few places, and has been serving the Los Angeles County community for what will be 55 years come October 2020. Dr. Montgomery today has almost 63 years of Recovery and continues to spread Spiritual Solutions to those suffering.

     The Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center's charity has the unique ability to focus on the suffering of the Black, Latino, and all minority communities to heal their PAIN and HOPELESSNESS caused by racial injustice, and to begin focusing on the solution. The Solution of Recovery needs to be made available to the communities most in need enabling these HUMANS a chance to contribute to, participate in, and ultimately thrive in the world we live in today.

     Please help us make funding available to those Recovered minorities aiding in their community's Recovery so centers like Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center are able to provide the necessary solutions to those that have been historically impacted, generation after generation, by the racial injustices that are glaring in our society today.


Anneca Peoples (Director of Operations, Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center)