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food allergy education that protects all!

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Recently, the news hit about the tragic preventable death of a 3 year old after eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Sadly, this child was the 7th person to die of a dairy allergy just this year. We need better food allergy awareness that all food allergens are equally as dangerous.

The goal of this petition is the following:

Demand better food allergy education for all schools that ANY food can cause anaphylaxis and to take the focus off PEANUTS and NUTS when looking at policy's.

 We are asking that all the food allergy organizations, advocates do the following to ensure equal awareness and policy for all with food allergies.

Demand that any food allergy that is present in the classroom be treated equally with the same precautions or same policy. 

Teach signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, and how to read action plans and have access to EPI

Encourage a public media campaign that dairy allergies are not the same as lactose intolerance and highlight the dangers of a dairy allergy. A similar campaign should be conducted for wheat allergies vs celiac disease.

Educate on handwashing, surface cleaning and emergency response preparedness.
Educate schools and the public on asthma and anaphylaxis. People need to know that asthma is the biggest common factor in fatalities and anaphylaxis is often mistaken for an asthma attack.

Schools already have many response policies in place. However, they lack awareness on what can cause anaphylaxis and what it looks like. It's not always “Boom! I ate something and I am on the floor unable to talk.” It's vital we educate on the whole picture.

Please help keep ALL with food allergies safe.


Thank you! 

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