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Enable early detection of Hip Dysplasia (DDH)

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Hip Dysplasia (DDH) also known as “Clicky Hips” is a condition in which babies hip sockets are either not formed at all or the leg bones are not connected to the hip socket bones. Lot of young babies suffer with this condition either from birth or develop it within the first 1-2 years. Currently the diagnosis of this is very much dependent on the pediatrician’s expertise to catch this condition during regular monthly baby check-ups. The early diagnosis of this condition plays a vital role in the selection of the treatment plan ranging from pelvic harness all the way up to multiple open reduction surgeries.

This petition is to achieve below two primary goals:

1) Provide new parents a choice to opt in to do the ultra sound of the baby during 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and other similar milestones.

2) Raise awareness in expectant mothers and new parents about DDH via mandatory educational programs so they can be prepared to watch out for DDH signals.

In certain European countries the ultrasound test for DDH s already mandatory. It will be great to see it at least given as an option to parents in US.

More information on DDH can be found at

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