Crisis! Gay 14-Year-Old In Danger Of Conversion Therapy

Crisis! Gay 14-Year-Old In Danger Of Conversion Therapy

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My younger brother has a sweet boyfriend, Anthony, who lives in Nevada, in the Mountain Ridge area, who is in danger of being sent away to conversion therapy. On top of being an atrocious practice, conversion therapy is in fact illegal in Nevada. My roommate and I are trying to help out as much as we can, but we need help. We’re contacting the Department of Health and Human Services to see if we can get some support to bail him out from this dire situation. They are highly abusive to him and his physical and mental wellbeing. So, for a fellow gay who is 14, and in some hardcore need for help, I would appreciate support in helping this young boy.

Anthony is going through mental and psychological abuse. His mother is forcing him into a state of depression, and he can’t call a hotline or the authorities due to the fact that his mother has taken away his phone and all his electronics. The treatment he is under is wearing away at his sense of hope, which is negatively impacting his usually innocent worldview and sunny disposition. 

He is in love with another young transgender individual (ftm). He wants to transition himself, and have his identity respected, but his family are religious and refuse to accept their son and the wonderful person he is. Their cruel and inhumane treatment is driving him to the point that he has self-harm as his only outlet. 

He is forced to endure mental and psychological abuse at the hands of his parents. On top of removing his ability to contact authorities and his support group, they have previously made attempts to crush his sense of self worth and condition him to follow their expectations by sending him to a religious conversion center when he needed psychological help. 

'Mental or psychological abuse happens when one (person), through a series of actions or words, wears away at the other’s sense of mental well being and health. It often involves making the victim doubt their own sanity. We’ve heard stories of abusers deliberately (...) dimming the lights, and flat-out denying that certain things had taken place. The result of this, especially over a sustained period of time – and often with the isolation that abusers also tend to use – is that the victim depends on the abuser more and more because they don’t trust their own judgement. They also hesitate to tell anyone about the abuse they’re experiencing, for fear they won’t be believed. Angela, a participant in one of our Support Groups, said, “He had called me crazy so many times, I was unsure if anyone would ever believe me about the abuse.”' (Reach Team (2017, March 23) 6 Different Types Of Abuse,

Anthony needs our help to escape from the cruelty of his discriminatory, transphobic parents and avoid being subjected to the horrors of conversion therapy. His parents have removed his only means of communication, driven him to self-harm, and made active efforts into hurting his emotional and mental health & wellbeing. We need your support in alerting the relative authorities and getting Anthony the help he needs.

Thank you for your support.

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