America needs [vaccinated] teachers...

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Educators in Florida need access to vaccines. Governor DeSantis chose to prioritize people 65 and older over essential workers saying young essential workers would be fine. This means teachers, school psychologists, school counselors, school social workers, speech/language pathologists, and all other school staff were deemed not important enough to be vaccinated. Yet, students have been in-person since August with classroom gaining more students each month.

Currently, classrooms have the same number of students as pre-covid classrooms. 18 kids in one room. No social distancing. NOW Governor DeSantis wants to pressure all students who are not in-person to be in-person, by docking funding for virtual students. THERE'S A PANDEMIC AND THE GOVERNOR DOESN'T CARE. 

Many people in Florida believe the pandemic isn't real. The governor is making decisions he is not qualified to make. Sure, kids have to wear masks in school, but every Monday they bring with them every exposure from the weekend. Teachers and school staff are stressed about supporting students academically, but with the added layer of covid anxiety, the stress multiplies.