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Students, Parents, and Teachers United for Safe Schools: Let’s Prevent Another Parkland

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My name is Mitchell Schwartz, and I am writing this petition as a concerned High School student. What occurred yesterday, 2-14-18, in Parkland, Florida, is disgusting, horrifying and tragic. Yet, it is not inevitable. This shooting could have been easily prevented.

    As a sophomore and student activist in High School, I feel like we need better security in schools and to have some restrictions on guns.

    We need restrictions on buying certain firearms, specifically the semi and fully automatic rifles used by the military, such as the AR-15. The AR-15 was used in yesterday’s shooting. Such powerful weapons should only be used in the military, and should not be in the hands of private citizens. With that said, I am kindly, but firmly requesting that the National Rifle Association ban such weapons from the use of private Americans.
    I will also be requesting a response from the United States Department of Education, in regards to ways of making educational facilities nationwide safer places. Some such ways this can be achieved would be: mental health awareness, more emotional support and training from school social workers, guidance counselors and psychologists, more school security personnel, locking all unmanned doors, locking all doors, which could only able to be unlocked by students and school/district personnel by use of student/teacher ID chips and/or from school security guards, in addition to opening further studies and discussions on how to make schools safer.
If a tragedy caused by someone, specifically by a troubled young adult, happened in Parkland, Florida, which was recently declared as the safest city in Florida, then it can happen anywhere.

    I am calling for all concerned students, teachers, parents, and anyone else out there to sign this petition for safer schools and better student support services. Please share this with your friends and family and tell them to sign and share, and so on and so forth. Let’s try to get as many signatures as we possibly can. We must take a stand and make a change! Let’s do this thing!
-Mitchell M. Schwartz

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