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Stop letting illegal aliens attend our schools!

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We as tax payers are paying for illegal aliens from Mexico to be in this country and allowing them to send their children to our schools. This I wrong! If someone is here in the US illegally, they should not get to cash in on free education for their children. They should be deported and not allowed to live here. Also by not paying taxes yet accepting and taking in all the luxuries of the tax paying and law abiding citizens, they are nothing more than criminals. If they are not here legally why should you and I pay to support them and their children? There are also paid translators in many schools who are on staff and paid to translate for the kids who can not speak English! This is the most irresponsible choice in how to budget the money within the schools. Excellent teachers have been laid off and many positions and school programs have been cut, classrooms too full, but they have budgeted in translators for illegals and their children who attend our schools! This is not right! Why are we rewarding peoples children who are here illegally and why aren't we taking a stand against these dishonest illegal immigrants? This is not what Americans should be accepting or tolerating. It is not right for our government to ignore these serious issues within the educatioin system and it should be illegal for the schools to recieve money for the children who attend the schools but who are not legal citizens of this country. Why should they get to live here in the US without consequences, in families who do not pay taxes, and who are free-loading off of this country? Why are these illegal imigrants able to recieve aid from programs like WIC, TANF, and also government supplementation like food stamps and cash to live on and also get to go to our schools and get a free education for their kids too? Let's stand up against these injustices within our schools and demand the US Department of Education stand up against the illegal immigrants in our schools who are getting a free ride to an education! If you don't pay taxes, you do not deserve the government funded programs offered and you don't deserve a free education! Please stand with me and sign today!

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