More Diversity in Civil Rights Education

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Mehgan Crawford started this petition to United States Department of Education

While in school, everyone learns about the civil rights movement in the United States. We learn about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Junior, Brown vs. the Board of Education, Jim Crow laws, the march on Washington, etc. We justly have whole chapters dedicated to Civil rights for African Americans. But, through my years in middle school, high school, and even college, I've only seen tiny subsections dedicated to the civil rights history of other minorities. 

It seems like other groups are forgotten about when it comes to civil rights education. I know for a fact that Latin Americans and Asian Americans were around during these times, and that they faced some, if not all, of the prejudices that African Americans faced. These people were not less important, or less involved in the movement, so why are they less talked about?

The Fair Labor Act was created because of the Pecan Shellers Strike in 1938. I had learned about the Fair Labor Act in school, but not Emma Tunayuca who spearheaded the strike, and who fought for the end of beatings of Mexican Americans (both legal and illegal) by border patrol officers in Texas, and who escaped the largest riot ever held in San Antonio Texas, a mob made p of KKK members. She was speaking on racial equality. 

I was never taught about the 1954 Hernandez vs. Texas court case, in which protection of the 14th amendment was decided to be for all minorities, and which was the first case involving Mexican American Lawyers. 

I did not learn about Dalip Singh Saund, the first Asian American congressman(1954), who founded the Indian American Association of American(1940s), and who fought for the rights of South Asian Americans to become citizens. 

I did not learn about the 1982 murder of Chinese American, Vincent Chin, one of the most widely talked about hate crime of an Asian American.

I did not learn about Yuri Kochiyama, Japanese-american civil rights activist and friend of Malcom X, who was forced to live in a Japanese internment camp. 


Though African Americans made up 9.7 to 11 percent of the population, and other minorities only made up .5 to 1.2 percent of the population during the movement, the other minorities still made an impact. Their struggles deserve to be talked about and deserve to be remembered. In 2017, nonblack minorities made up 25.9 percent of the US population. They deserve to know their civil rights history, too.

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