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USDA please investigate PETA and their unethical practices

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Dear Mr. Secretary Sonny Perdue USDA

We are sending this petition as concerned citizens about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). It is our contention that they are not an animal welfare group as they purport themselves to be. In October of 2015 they aligned themselves with a group called which is nothing more than a hate group designed to destroy pit bulls a breed of dog that has been maligned, misidentified and euthanized for no more reason but than the way they look. Not only this but they go even further and ask to have all pets in shelters euthanized and to end all breeding. We have had reports of people from their organization going into peoples yards and stealing their dogs then euthanizing them. At their headquarters in Virginia they have an estimated euthanization rate of over 80% in their shelter. We believe the only reason it isn't 100% is because they need to show they try to find homes for at least some of them. These are the words of their president Ingrid Newkirk on Pit Bulls:

People who genuinely care about dogs won’t be affected by a ban on pits. We can only stop killing pits if we stop creating new ones. ~ Ingrid Newkirk, 2000

How can a person or organization that presents itself as an animal welfare group make a statement like this! They should be advocating finding homes for them instead of asking to kill or end the breed altogether. By joining with DBO they have proven their intent is not to help save them but to actually murder and destroy the breed altogether. Also DBO's only focus is on killing dogs they hate, so by aligning themselves with this group they have proven again they only want to kill them not save them. We the animal lovers of the United States and the world respectfully ask that you investigate this organization and direct the IRS to revoke their 501c3 status as a non-profit. In so asking we believe that the officers of PETA seek to enrich themselves and use their funds to destroy lives instead of save them. We are sure the people that donate to them have no idea what they actually advocate for. If they knew they were actually advocating and calling for the extinction of pets they would not have given their money to them. So they are actually defrauding the very people that support them believing they are saving lives. Finally Mr. Secretary we believe you are an honorable man and will give this petition your attention. As true animal lovers and advocates we believe they deserve nothing less.

Thank you,

Pit Bulls Against Discrimination

Addendum: We now have reports of a PETA van after Hurricane Harvey in Houston picking up stranded dogs and euthanizing them without even trying to find the owners


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