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ANIMALS ARE THE MOST LOYAL CREATURES ON THE PLANET. They only love us, want us, and need us. They are without prejudice, racism, and hate. All they have in their hearts is love. It is our job to protect them, love them, and do what is best for them because they cannot always do it for themselves. When they are sick, we are supposed to make them better and take them to the vet. When they are hungry, we are supposed to feed them and sate their hunger. When they need love we are supposed to hold them, kiss them and hug them.

But unfortunately there are TERRORISTS in the world who are aiming their attacks on the MOST INNOCENT of all. Animals. They starve them, physically torture them, beat them (sometimes to death), skin them alive, bleed them to death, and worse.

How can we stand by and allow these atrocities to happen? How can we call ourselves humans, and animals our "best friends" when we allow these monsters to do these horrific things to them? How can we call ourselves "protectors", "parents", "friends", or even worthy of their love, if we can't even take the simple steps it takes to keep them safe from harm?

So I'm asking you to do something simple, SIGN THIS PETITION, let the USDA know that this IS an important cause, ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT, and that YOU want them to know that ALL animals DESERVE to be treated with respect, love, kindness, and most of all, HUMANITY.

You wouldn't just sit by and allow someone to do this to YOUR loved ones, your CHILDREN, your HUSBAND, your WIFE, your PETS. So how can you sit back, read these horrible articles on facebook, twitter, on news websites, and NOT take action?
So here, I've done ALL of the hard work for you, now ALL you have to do is sign.
I'm BEGGING you, on behalf of all of those who can't.
On behalf of all of those for whom help never came.
On behalf of all of those for whom help came too late.
And on behalf of all of those for whom are PRAYING for YOUR help, MY help, OUR help, but don't have a VOICE to ask for it.

So PLEASE, join mine, and sign.

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