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Stop Food Waste - Feed the hungry!

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According to the Food and Agricultural Organization the world discards $2.9 Trillion pounds of food yearly. That would feed the 800 million people that suffer from hunger every year - twice! Each year, the production of uneaten food guzzles as much water as Europe's larges river, and 70 times the amount of oil lost in Mexico's Deepwater Horizon incident. If food waste were a country it would be the 3rd largest producer of greenhouse gasses. About 1/3 of food produced gets lost between farm and fork.

 Food loss can happen in three main ways: first, food can be left in fields because of the expenses, second, inadequate storage can be used and the food can spoil, and third and perhaps most saddening, it can be lost when the food does not meet the cosmetic standards required by grocers or other buyers. So what can we do? Well you can sign my petition to raise awareness about food loss. Then we can work to provide farmers with adequate storage and resources for their crops, and work with grocers to accept produce that may not meet their current cosmetic standards to sell at a discounted price. This would be beneficial for all as even those struggling with hunger would be more likely to afford produce at this discounted price. Sign my petition to save the trillions of pounds of food currently being lost to spoilage and cosmetic standards!

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