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Prevent Puppy Mills

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Dogs are considered a man's best friend right, so why do we allow them to be mistreated in puppy mills? A majority of us dog owners tend to buy from pet shops without knowing where they get their puppy supply from. These dog shops buy from puppy mills which is classified as a mass breeding facility. These facilities produce over 2 million puppies per year with a 60% death rate; around 1.2 million dogs are euthanized due to horrific conditions. These puppy mills are legalized sadly, however the regulations are made poorly and there is a limited number of inspectors that hold them accountable. 

These puppy factories are notorious for their filthy living conditions, overcrowded space, and the unhealthy dogs they produce. 100% of these dogs are forced to suffer through various things such as malnutrition, and exposure to dangerous elements without much shelter. The shelters they are provided with is laughable. The small, cramped kennels they are forced to live in with multiple other dogs is often made up of rotting wood and barbed wire. The puppies and mothers have to live in extreme climates of scorching summers and winters that get well below freezing. 

Puppy mills are like this due to breeders wanting to save money. They do this by spending minimal on shelter, food, and health. Consequently this causes puppies and adult female dogs to get or produce animals with genetic or contracted diseases and abnormalities. They often contract fleas, ticks, worms, kennel cough, and the list continues with illnesses that spread. Their legs also tend to fall through the kennels which causes additional injuries that the breeders won't fix. The AWA (Animal Welfare Act) has failed at it's job to keep the dogs safe and needs to branch out it's regulations and restrictions on puppy mills. We can fix this however. One way is to sign this petition to allow it to go to USDA so they can make changes. Two other ways is to stop supporting puppy mills by buying from pet stores and to buy from shelters. We can also make donations to dog rescuing organizations such as The Humane Society, National Mill Rescue, LCA (Last Chance for Animals), and Wild Blue. Please help support these dogs in need of a better, safer life!


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