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Eat Healthier without Artificial Sweeteners or Ingredients in Food Products!

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The food we eat Today is filled with Artificial Preservatives, Colors, Sweeteners, and also Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's). The ingredients destroy food as well as our bodies. They cause Cancer, Heart Problems, Allergies, and Neurological problems with the brain. We are all affected by these ingredients and we don't realize it until the health problems hit!

Sucralose is (Splenda) which is being secretly added to foods EVEN WITH SUGAR!!! List of some foods:

Vlasic Bread & Butter Pickles, Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, Most mints and gum, Pepsi Products, Coca-Cola Products, Peace Tea, Propel Water, Ice flavored Waters, Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Starbucks Beverages, Tropicana, Bryer's Carb-Smart Ice Cream, Orville Microwavable Popcorn, and many many more items.

Many Artificial Sweeteners and other things are being added with a label on the front of the Container, Jar, etc...

If we can get this signed and notice, we can warn people about the Harmful ingredients (Maybe a symbol on the front of the container). This will help people with health issues and also reduce Cancer.

These ingredients should not even be added without a small notice on the front of a container. They also should not even have to be used in some foods. Like "Sucralose," It is meant to replace Sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup, but it is being added with those ingredients!

Please, Let's keep our Food Healthy and Safe for Everyone! Signing this petition will definitely help! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful Healthy life!

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