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Make Puerto Rico the 51st State

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Puerto Rico Is facing a dire humanitarian crisis, but the slow response from Washington is heart-breaking.

Electricity is gone, homes are destroyed and water is running out. Lives will be lost because Washington is indifferent - and because Puerto Rico is "only" a territory. The damage is horrific and life-threatening. Puerto Ricans deserve better.  

Please sign this petition to admit Puerto Rico as the 51st state. Lets give these Americans equal access to the Federal help they desperately need, now and in the future. 

Statehood can start with Congress passing an enabling act. That is what this petition calls for. The rest, including passing a Constitution, can happen as Puerto Rico is able. 

Puerto Rico would gain Senators and one or more Representatives as well as all the rights and privileges denied it as a territory. Statehood will help bring Puerto Rico back from the brink of a humanitarian disaster. 

Sign this petition to urge Congress to take the first step toward statehood for Puerto Rico. 

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