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Support newborns & mothers by mandating PAID maternity leave

The United States is one of 8 countries remaining in the world that does not require employers to provide any amount of paid leave to new mothers. With the number of children born to single parents on the rise, and more of the national population living in poverty than ever before, the power of a mother's income during the first year of a child's life can mean the difference between life and death; between success in education and development and the unfortunate continuation of cyclical poverty.

Paid maternity leave is not a partisan issue. It is not race, or class-based. Mothers and their children may come from different backgrounds, but they will always be the source of renewal and hope for families and society alike. As a nation, if we do not protect and support them as such in their most vulnerable times, we will surely never grow to our full potential. Please support this initiative for mandated paid maternity leave. Allow mothers the peace of mind and financial comfort of never having to choose between caring for their newborn and earning a paycheck.

By signing this petition, you allow untold stories of suffering mothers and children to be heard by the ears of decision makers. Your name elevates the issue of paid maternity leave to its appropriate focus at a national level among key players in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who have the power and courage to stand up and create systemic change.

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  • Senator
    Tom Harkin
  • White House Council for Community Solutions
    Michele Jolin
  • Senior Advisor to the President (Generally Awesome Lady)
    Valerie Jarrett
  • Deputy Cheif of Staff, Policy and Programs, US Dept of Education
    Eric Waldo
  • First Lady of the United States
    Michele Obama
  • CEO & Founder, LIFT
    Kirsten Lodal
  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • Representative
    Nancy Pelosi
  • White House Director of Online Engagement
    Kori Schulman

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