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Stop the Police from Illegally Tracking Our Cellphones

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I, the undersigned, am petitioning the Congress to create laws preventing police officers and other law enforcement personnel from all over the country from using technology, systems and devices such as StingRay from tracking data from mobile phones without a warrant or a court order. I believe that using StingRay and other similar technologies that monitor cellphone signals is highly open to abuse and violates citizens' right to privacy.

I would like to remind everyone about recent news report of the Baltimore police department using this tracking technology thousands of times under federal secrecy. StingRay and other such systems simulate cellphone towers and are able to collect information from all mobile phone users within a one-mile radius. The system does not distinguish between targeted and non-targeted phones and simply gathers data, all within a matter of seconds. This technology is alarmingly invasive, and it does not help that police departments from all over the country have been secretive about their use of these devices.

Therefore, I ask the Congress to create laws protecting civilians from being violated by the use of these gathering data systems. Our right to privacy should be inviolable, no matter what the intent behind its potential breach.


The undersigned,
Layla Summers, Head of Excel Classes - Chicago

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