Save American Wine Jobs

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The wine business supports millions of jobs in the United States.  Servers, clerks, importers and distributor sales staff, warehouse workers, drivers, truckers, and port workers rely on the wine industry for all or a significant part of their income.  The wine business in U.S. supports thousands of small businesses.  Restaurant owners, store owners, importers, and distributors all rely on the wine industry for all or a significant part of their revenue. 

Proposed tariffs from the United States Trade Representative are threatening these jobs and a thriving part of the U.S. economy. These tariffs of up to 100% on all European Union wines are a response to “Large Civil Aircraft” and “Digital Service Tax” disputes and have nothing to do with the wine or hospitality industry.  If these tariffs go in effect, the United States will lose jobs and small businesses will suffer.

We need to get politics out of the wine business, and the US Trade Representative needs to negotiate their issues regarding large multi-national companies without taxing small businesses in the U.S. We are asking members of congress and other government officials to stand for U.S. wine jobs and stop these unfair, punitive tariffs.