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Melanie Nathan
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PLEASE JOIN ME - I am just an American mom with 2 young daughters and I am asking you to join me to insist that DONALD J. TRUMP resign from the Presidency of the United States of America.  

I am calling on ALL Republicans, on Ivanka Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan, Senators John McCain, Mitch McConnel, etc.

This past weekend in Charlottesville, hundreds of white supremacists, domestic terrorists, KKK, and Nazis gathered with torches, shouting racial, ethnic and religious epithets about Black and Jewish people, chanting Nazi slurs, waving the Confederate flag and banners emblazoned with giant swastikas. A peaceful protester was murdered. Two brave police officers lost their lives.

Those people with a hateful message were there because Donald Trump gave them license. His campaign enticed them. He validated them, evidenced by his failure to call them out, while falsely equating those who countered them. David Duke the KKK clansman confirmed that they were there for Trump!

A very long 48 hours later, on the 3rd day, and after a national outcry Trump’s handlers wrote a speech for him, where he tried to undo the harm of his first response, but he read it from a teleprompter like a dispassionate petulant child forced unwillingly into something by his parents. He undid that forced speech in less than 12 hours!  He showed us that he does not understand the nature of all this - that he must be one of them!  The person holding the office of President should know that NOTHING and NO ONE can equate to the KKK and the White Supremacists and the Nazis among us! 

Do you agree?

Trump’s leadership has brought well known White Supremacist types / sympathizers into the White House and his administration: Trump, Sebastian Gorka, Katherine Gorka, Stephen Bannon, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions, et al…

Until they are ALL gone The WHITE HOUSE is in essence a HATE GROUP.

After Today's debacle where Trump cemented in our history books the reality of what he is - not to mention all the problems he has brought upon us in the past 6 months and before that during his campaign - we must implore upon him to #RESIGN.

It is absolutely incumbent on the Republicans and their leaders to helm this call for his resignation NOW before more people die and more are hurt.

No more time for lip service, nor time to #RESIST . We have done a lot of that.

As a fully unified America, ( without the morally deficit few who roam our streets unabashedly waving their Nazi flags and torches- ) we can stand together against their hate as one America.

Unfortunately Trump proved today that he is incapable of unifying us in this effort. So we must unify ourselves through one voice - calling for his #RESIGNATION

WE the people of the United States of America call upon DONALD J. TRUMP to #RESIGN the presidency of our beloved country.


 Melanie Nathan