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United States Congress: Reform Our Broken Imigration System

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The MAIN REASON causing the Immigration Crisis is the waiting period for people to legally come into the USA. Within the past 12 months it has increased from 23 years to 25 years. People cannot wait 25 years to legally come into the USA. They continue to come into the USA seeking a better life because they know the people of the USA are good people and they want to be around good people. However, their decision to come into the USA undocumented has led many of them and their family members to experience the following inhumane acts:

a. Parents are losing their children and vice versa because the parent(s) are deported. In many cases, they are deported for the simple reason that they do not have a driver’s license. They (the parents) believe they have no choice or may not have a choice and drive to work and perform other family duties.

b. Their children are put under the government’s care. The children are then put in foster homes. In many cases the children are put into different foster homes. After they loose their parents, they now loose their siblings.

Undocumented people will gladly pay the USA government thousands of dollars to be legal, but there is no place for them to go pay it.

By signing this petition we the people of the USA are asking our federal representatives (Congress) to have the courage to address our broken immigration system immediately. We support Comprehensive Immigration Reform but it cannot happen because our immigration crisis continues to be ignored by Congress and Congress is not discussing it on the floor. They believe it’s to political. They have forgotten that their job is to handle political issues.

After you sign this petition we ask that you forward it to your friends and email the above message to ALL your federal representatives.

Santos De La Rosa

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