Raise the minumum wage of oversea sweatshop workers, working for American companies

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We, the U.S., are blinded by our consumerism. Unable to see the horrendous violations happening in sweatshops around the world. American companies like Levi Strauss & Co., GAP, etc. are taking advantage of countries with no wage laws and lack of resourceful benefits in provinces such as Lesotho, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan. Levi factories have been accused of violating Code of Conduct. Such as not allowing labor unions and forcing workers to work more than 12 hours a day with no overtime pay. In 2001, they earned $3 an hour. Meanwhile, the CEO of Levi Strauss earned $25.1 million dollars equaling $11,971 an hour the same year. Collectively, it is unfair and injustice to allow the rich to become richer by taking advantage of the poor who are exploited in expectant to make ends meet for their families. As Americans we like to advertise, only giving light to the American Dream, success stories, but leaving the unspoken truth of hypocrisy and terrorism in the dark. Inevitably, making us false advertisement as a country. It is time for American corporate companies to live up to our values. Giving workers the opportunity of a living wage. Giving them liberty from political terrorism and pay workers a living. Including, providing workers with a feel of a Democracy where everyone is treated equally as humans. Why be one nation, when we can be one world. Change is needed and that starts with your signature. Sign this petition in order to get huge companies´ attention and get them to notice the struggles of oversea laborers.