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Protect the Christians, Kurds & Yezidis in Iraq & Syria

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Christians, Kurds & Yezidis are sufering from a genocide in Iraq/Sria and clearly our leadership has chosen to let it continue. I want to petition them to allow individuals the permission to legaly help stop the massacre.
Something is quite odd here because starting in August 2014 I have contacted the U.S State Dept. in D.C., the U.S. consulate in Erbil, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, the Anglican Church in U.K., U.S. Sen. Durbin, U.S. Congressman Shimkus and U.S. Senator Paul to find out how we can legally help the Christians, Kurds & Yezidis in Iraq & Syria. Only the consulate in Erbil has responded back, but they say only congress can answer my questions.

I also checked on real estate prices around Erbil for an ops HQ and they were higher than in the U.S.. That seems unusual seeing as their on the battle front with ISIS, unless the controllers know something we don't.
This is the letter that I sent to the officials and received no response and is what I want to be able to legally do to help. (Although Sen. Paul did author the resolution of war against ISIS, but our airstrikes don't seem to be very intense. When you compare Airstrikes in the Iraq war per day 1700, in the the Serbian conflict 140, but against ISIS only 5-7 average, ISIS only has 30,000 troops, a few hundred technicals, & 48 tanks. Theoretically we could assign one air strike per ISIS solder and eliminate them all in a couple of weeks.) Something smells funny to me. The letter/ request is as follows:
I have written the State Department in D.C and received no response. I have contacted the U.S. consulate in Erbil Iraq and they say the State Department can’t answer my questions and that I should try congress.

Therefore, I'm contacting you; here is the email that I sent to the consulate. I hope that you can help and get clearance/approval to try to help the Christians, Kurds & Yezidis.

Due to the horrendous massacre of Christians, Kurds and Yezidis by
ISIL/ISIS in Iraq & Syria; I would like to take action to defeat ISIL/ISIS
and end the massacre. I would like to request your permission to conduct
the following activities.
(Petition request begins here:)
Can we; in support of the Christians, Kurds and Yezidis in Iraq & Syria
conduct these actions:

1. Can we raise funds to assist the Christians, Kurds & Yezidis?

2. Can we get the needed equipment and supplies for them?

.a. Can we get body armor for them? (i.e.: AR500 plates & Kevlar helmets)

.b. Can we get them Gen 1 NVD/NVGs?

.c. Can we provide the women with defensive weapons to protect themselves & their children; i.e. Shotguns/Pistols?

3. Can we arrange for training & send in teams like our MTT's that were used in Iraq?

4. Can we organize volunteers to fight ISIL/ISIS?

5. Can we hire Blackwater type corporation teams to protect the Christians, Kurds & Yezidis and to fight ISIS/ ISIL and destroy them?

6. Can we hire corporate teams to protect their communities, Churches & homes?

7. Can you provide me with approved contacts for the Kurdish army and the Christian Churches in the region to work with?

8. Can we hire a hacker teams to disrupt the financial activities and accounts of ISIS?

Your assistance and approval is greatly appreciated and I believe that this will help end the massacre in Iraq & Syria if you approve. Remember everyday more die.

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