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Confer National Holiday Status to Election Day in the United States

In an increasingly bipartisan and hostile political atmosphere, it is more important than ever to recognize the importance of Election Day as the vital means by which we, as citizens, participate in our Constitutional Republic. Election Day should be designated a National Holiday in order to decrease civic apathy, encourage civic participation, increase voter turnout, and publicly recognize as a Nation that, without civic participation, we will cease to enjoy the powers and privileges of being a republic.

We hold our form of governance to such high regard that we send our men and women overseas to risk their lives in order to enable other countries to pursue more democratic societies, yet we fail to officially observe - on a national level - the same National pride, enthusiasm and sense of community on Election Day as we do in other National Holidays.

As the Editorial Board of the Daily Iowan ( ) pointed out, Lesson plans in schools are often designed to educate children who will become future leaders and civic participants about the significance behind our national holidays. Performances, art and literature are explored with the intent of instilling in youth a sense of pride in their country and in the significant people and events that have came before us to that help perpetuate the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. Please sign on if you are in support of the designation of Election Day as a United States National Holiday.

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