Petition Update

We need the SAFE ACT now, our horses are being slaughtered while we wait!

debra heverly, m.d.
Niagara Falls, NY

Nov 8, 2013 — Hi Everyone! Well it's been since August that we started this and so far the SAFE ACT has not even come up for a vote. The BLM continues to round-up and hold our wild horses, mustangs and burros captive in their holding pens without any shelter at all and inadequate water. The USFAWS pays kill buyers $1k+ per horse to 'dispose of' the horses they are in charge of. It's just happened to the Sheldon war horses. Slaughter plants are ready to open pending appeal in New Mexico, Missouri and Iowa. I believe without the SAFE ACT that this is where our beloved wild horses will end up - in the slaughter pipeline. Please share if you have signed, contact your legislators and help make the SAFE ACT happen - All this misery, worry and abuse to our horses will end with the passage of the SAFE ACT. Please! Thank you!