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Schools display it…

Businesses display it…

Even some churches display it. ..

It’s the American flag.

THE unifying symbol of the United States of America. 

A symbol that all Americans – no matter what color, creed, or ethnic background – pledge their allegiance to.  

I have one sitting on top of the bookcase in my office right now.

It’s my constitutional right—and my unerring patriotism—to display it.


Yet, in many condominium associations this right is being taken away from residents.

The Rotonda Condominiums told us to take down our American flag on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So we fought back...with the help of the media...and with friends, families, and strangers alike. 

On Friday, June 27, 2014: Rotonda management changed its bylaw to allow us to display our American flag every day of the year on our property.

Unfortunately, not every American has been so fortunate. At present date, there are others out there who are being threatened with fines and evictions because they refuse to take down their American flag--from their porch, from their balconies, from their windows.  

Depite this: On January 3rd 2006, the United States Congress passed an important Act that hits at our constitutional right for “freedom of speech.” It’s called “The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005.”

The Act states: that a condominium, cooperative or residential real estate management association may not adopt or enforce any policy or enter into any agreement that would restrict or prevent a member from displaying the flag of the United States.

So please keep signing...keep supporting...because this fight is far from over. 


As for us, we are forever grateful for all those who have signed this petition and are supporting this cause. Especially our neighbors in Virginia:

The same state where the first American settlement was founded;

The same state that has been dubbed “the birthplace of a nation;”

The same state that sits right next to our Nation’s Capital and houses the CIA and Quantico;

Please sign this petition and help us fly the American flag—not just on the 4th of July; not just on Veterans Day; but on every day of the year...for every American out there. 

 Freedom to Display the American Flag Act


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