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United States Congress: Institute Term Limits for members of Congress

Institute Term Limits.

Under the Constitute, there is no limit on the number of terms that members of Congress can serve. This reform would limit all representatives and senators to no more than 12-18 years in office, and would be enacted by a constitutional amendment.

Key facts

• Several members of Congress have been in office for decades. By the end of this term, 92 representatives and 25 senators will have served continuously in their respective chambers for 20 years or longer.

• Long-serving politicians weaken the democratic process. Congressmen that are re-elected term after term tend to lose touch with the needs of the constituents who elected them. Although voters retain the ability to vote their representatives out of office, this becomes more difficult with each term their leaders stay in Washington due to the power of incumbency.

• Career politicians view their positions as long-term jobs rather than what our Founding Fathers intended, temporary public service. The fear of not getting re-elected serves to reduce their willingness to tell the truth and make tough choices for the greater public good.

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