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Increase and Strengthen Legal Protection for Domestic Abuse Victims

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Increase Legal Protection and Awareness to Domestic Violence.


Domestic violence exists in all socioeconomic cultures around the world, that including America and has been a prevailing reality for many people. Therefore, I start this petition in hopes of raising awareness of these crimes and to help strengthen the legal protection that the victims of domestic abuse are entitled. According to the National Coalition against Domestics Violence, there is an estimated of 1.3 million women are in fact victims of physical assault by their intimate partners within the United States, meaing that, in one of every four women will experience domestic violence in their life. In the face of such alarming outcry of women experiencing such crimes and the government’s failing response to such crimes is appalling and for that demands for a change.

Not only is domestic violence a direct violation of their fundamental human rights that every human is entitled too. In my Comm 02 class, Interpersonal Communications class we talk about a the importance of a persons human rights, and with the governments failing to respond to the outcry of these victims is them violating the people’s human rights to proper and adequate protection.  More often than not, domestic violence crimes are treated as a misdemeanor, which the maximum sentenced, if sentenced at all is around one to five years. A concern however, with misdemeanors is that they are not reported into the NCIC, the National Crime Information Center. That meaning, when a person has been charged with the first offense of domestic violence and that history of domestic violence would not follow them if they were to move to another state and continue to batter and be violent. Their previous offence would not be taken into account when charged in another state.  Therefore, there needs to be official government intervention and support using legal means to strengthen protection for these people. Furthermore, we need to raise support and awareness to those victims and/or potential victims to come out and know that they are fully supported and protected by the law.


In the face of this, here I offer three possible and considerable solutions:

1. Raise the offense of domestic violence in terms of legal punishment despite that it would previously be considered a misdemeanor.

2. Have “misdemeanors of domestic violence” be entered into the NCIC system, therefore in all states there will be a record of previous domestic violence offenses.

3.  This includes having charges of domestic violence and abuse be filed in all states, including the original one. Therefore previous offenses cannot be overlooked and taken into consideration with any future charges.

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