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Impeach Current President Elect Mr. Donald Trump

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Our current President has shown that he is incapable of handling the responsibilities of the office he currently holds. Mr. Trump has violated multiple articles of the constitution, committed egregious acts of racism and classism against his very own constituents and has placed our country in grave danger in less than one month in office. Mr. Trump does not have the knowledge or skill to successfully carry out his duties as Commander In Chief of our country and has admitted to signing sensitive documents regarding our safety without reading or fully understanding them. Mr. Trump and his administration have blatantly lied and misrepresented facts to suit their agenda and continues to point fingers at others claiming to be the target of unseen harassment. Mr. Trump is using his platform not to make America great, but as a means to bully and humiliate anyone who does not agree with his fascist agenda. Our country would be better served and represented if Mr. Trump were not allowed to continue in his racist and half witted dictatorship.

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