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United States Congress: Drug Test All Welfare Recipients

With the governments current economic situation we cannot afford to just hand away "free" taxpayers money. Taxpayers taking on employment opportunities are required to drug test to earn money, then give money to the government through taxes, which are given to welfare recipient who abuse their checks and purchase drugs, alcohol, and things that are not necessities. Out of fairness to those who earn their way, and to those who rightfully use their government aid, it is important that drug testing be a requirement for all those on welfare to eliminate miss-users.

Letter to
United States Congress
Dear members of congress,
I am signing this petition to ask that we look into making it United States law that to obtain welfare and government assistance checks and all other forms of government aid, it be required to submit to a drug test. I truly believe as an American citizen all rightfully employed workers be required to submit to drug testing. It is only fair government aid recipients be held under the same standards as the tax payers.

It is not only fair but also an issue of equality. Government Aid should not be seen as a form of free money to continue to abuse the money intended to help people get off their feet. I am signing in agreement to this petition and i hope that you will give our thoughts a good look and put them into consideration.

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