We demand a fair, free election: secure the Mail-In & in- person ballot

We demand a fair, free election: secure the Mail-In & in- person ballot

August 2, 2020
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Started by Matthew Liptak

America demands secured voting:

Fair voting is not a political party issue: every american deserves to have their voice heard and their vote counted. I am not endorsing any party with this petition, I am simply advocating for a fair election as we enter a ground breaking election year with the majority being mail-in ballots.

The United States is beset by troubles that threaten to test its ability to endure as a union. The public is fighting a disease circulating through the populace, a sudden and severe down turn in our household and collective economies,divisions within and between us, and external adversaries who seek to undermine our integrity and the ties of affection that bind us.

For over two centuries our integrity and prosperity as a nation has been tied to the ability of each citizen to trust in, and even boast in, a secure and reliable voting system. We demand and expect this legacy to continue for the sake of our union and public tranquility, and the exercise of the self-evident rights we all enjoy.

One citizen, one vote, counted in confidence which, God willing, may move us forward through the transition of another election year.

The President of the United States has publicly broken faith with this voting system, questioning if it should be delayed. While  a recent poll suggests most Americans believe in a mail-in voting option, it also suggests that a great many of us have concerns over the implementation of that option to execute is securely and fairly. We believe both the Mail-In and in person option should be extended to voters.

We, the undersigned, demand OUR federal government, led by Congress and the President exercise their minimal due diligence to see that our voting rights are secured for the coming election, just as every generation before  us has expected and demanded. 

We believe the capability to secure a general mail-in election, which should include the  option of in-person voting, already exists. The pieces are there, they only need to be assembled and supported by the United States government for its component states who will execute the election in November.

Only by a massive motion of incompetent negligence will our federal government fail to secure for us the same voting rights American citizens have always enjoyed. 

We expect Congress and the President to act toward that same purpose. Now.

The United States Postal Service Registered Mail system has existed for many years and successfully secured critical correspondence for millions of Americans.

It appears reasonable that this system, funded, enhanced and modified for the federal elections could ensure a successful mail-in election option. We demand our federal representatives and public servants expedite all efforts to secure a fair, free, secure and safe election come November, 2020.




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Signatures: 91Next Goal: 100
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