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Petitioning United States Congress

Cut their own salary in half to cut spending.

Congress repeatedly increases their own salaries while our military takes cuts in their. Congress needs to step up and make cuts to their owns salaries and benefits and give them to the men and women who sacrifice everything to protect the rights of the people who elect those officials.

Letter to
United States Congress
As an American voter, we simply cannot tolerate budget cuts being made to our military men and women and their families. Congressional leaders sit and argue over where budget cuts need to be made but take no consideration in cutting their own salaries to cut spending. Large corporations are having to down size their companies, cut salaries and benefits and even let go some top executives. We have all had to make sacrifices in this poor economy, all it seems except for the United States Congress. Our military and their families all make sacrifices every day and yet we hear all the time about threats made to their salaries and the defense budget. They can be trained to defend our country but some how can't defend their own pay. Its time Congress takes a pay cut, a large pay cut and learn some spending control from their own pockets.