Criminal Charge for racist 911 reports

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We all know that in recent news there have been several incidents where White people have called the police on Black people,other minority groups, and people of color for no reason at all. When making a 911 report you are asked to state your emergency. Many of these reporters claim to have been threatened by the people they are calling the police on. When video footage is presented or an investigation is conducted, no threat was made. This is a violation of our emergency system and is against the law. With the deaths of Black men and Women at the hands of police happening almost daily these false reports should be viewed as a threat to the lives of those being targeted by these calls. I am writing this petition to request that lawmakers bring forward a new law that addresses this specific issue and holds people accountable for falsely reporting threats and wasting the time of our police who have real crimes to investigate. We are tired of constantly being afraid for our children and loved ones. Please sign to show your support.