Calling Congress to Stop War with Iran & Iraq; Outlaw US Assassination Policy

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The assassination of General Suilemani was an overtly offensive attack calculated to provoke Iran to an unnecessary war.

WE THE PEOPLE, place our names signed herewith, to this PETITION TO CONGRESS. We urgently demand Congress to intervene to:

  • Engage all possible diplomatic channels to heal rifts from the disastrous actions of an out of control administration 
  • Direct the President to bring our troops home from the Middle East
  • Cut off all funds for war in Iraq, or against Iran, except to defend our troops’ safe return to the US 
  • Require production of all “intelligence” which was given to the President to support General Suilemani’s assassination  
  • Enact a law forbidding the assassination of foreign officials  
  • Invoke the War Powers Act, which can force a congressional vote on Iran within 90 days

The extrajudicial-assassination of a top Iranian state official constitutes an illegal act of war against both Iraq and Iran, and risks a retaliatory response from Iran which imperils US officials and soldiers world-wide.

Americans would never tolerate a foreign government killing one of our leaders, nor should we expect that any other nation would meekly permit such a ghastly deed to go unanswered.

It is clear that the assassination of General Suilemani was an overtly offensive attack calculated to provoke Iran to war, leveraging Israel's geographic vulnerability as an excuse to wage a wider war, blaming Iran for the past and future US casualties in Iraq.
It is a fact that the US has lost over 4,432 troops who were present in Iraq, NOT because of Iran, but because top US officials lied to the American people about Iraq's intent to use weapons of mass destruction against America.  
The lies which took us into war in Iraq must never be forgotten because the same mentality continues to run US foreign policy today. We saw through the lies then and we see through them now.

The Congress must step forward to tame the beast of war which is once against demanding to be fed. The consequences of war with Iran are devastating to contemplate.

The US Administration has set the stage is set for a retaliatory response that imperils our soldiers and US officials everywhere.  We could very well be on the verge of another world war, with the lives of millions of people in the balance.

America must not spend more blood and treasure.  US Iraq policy has resulted in the deaths of US soldiers and over one million innocents, making the world less safe and depriving our fellow countrymen of the benefit of trillions of dollars which ought to have been spent rebuilding America.